Students will use a drawing program to build a 3D picture of their own home. The picture needs to include windows, doors, roof line, and landscaping on the outside of the house.

1. Open a drawing program such as Gliffy or Sketch Up (will need to download program before using).
2. Begin a new file.
3. Use the different drawing tools, build the basic framework of the house starting with a front angle view.
4. Add in walls, doors, windows and the roof.
5. You may need to use the transform tool to adjust the angles of some parts so that the perspective is correct.
6. Use fill patterns to add textures to the surfaces.
7. Once the house is complete, add in landscaping such as paths, driveways, trees, shrubs, and grass.
8. Save the completed project to your home folder. Ask the teacher for further instructions on how to submit your finished assignment.